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Who we are?

Christian Training College is situated on a plateau like elevated land in the heart in the city Lucknow (The city of Gardens) in Golaganj area opposite Balrampur Hospital. The place where the college stands is called Inayat Bagh campus because it has always experienced the Inayat of God almighty and well wishers. The distance of the college from Charbagh station is only 3.5 K.M. and from city station is only 1.5 K.M. one can easily hire a rickshaw or auto to reach the college.

The Christian Training College is a unit of Lucknow Christian College Society, which is managed and Governed by the registered body named, Board of Governors, Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow. It is a Minority College. The Methodist Church in India established the College. The Methodist Church in India institution was opened in 1932, to meet the growing need for well trained teachers in the secondary schools. This was the first Non Government Training College to be opened in the state. It offered two years course to high school passed men leading to Certificate of Teaching (C.T.) of the Government Department of Education. Only 25 students were admitted each year and went through an intensive course of training. The initial success of this unit was largely due to the Principal Dr. R.G. Wellons and Dr. L.K. Shah who was the incharge of the new unit.

For many years the Training College ran a school of education of six weeks duration at Saat Taal in Nainital District. Eminent educationists and teachers were invited there to deliver lectures to the students. In 1949, the Government gave the permission to start the Post Graduate L.T. (Licentiate in Teaching) diploma course in instead of C.T. and thus L.T. diploma course was started in the college under the leadership of Mr. E.M. Lal, the first Principal of Christian L.T. Training College.

In 1978 the college was shifted from Reid Hall to Warne Hostel Building. The foundation stone of Warne Hostel building was laid by H. E. Harcourt Butler K. C. S. I., C. I. E. Governor of these provinces on March 24th 1921. In the same year foundation of the University of Lucknow was also laid by Sir Harcourt Butler. The Warne Hostel was named in the honour of the Rev. Bishop F. W. Warne D. D. in 1923. The Warne Hostel was meant for those students who were studying in the University of Lucknow.

During the period, the college witnessed the services of various principals:-
Mr. E.M. Lal – 1948 to 1964
Mr. N. Cecil – 1965 to 1976
Mr. P.P. Lal – 1976 to 1985
Mrs. D. Dass – 1985 to 2003
Mr. Samson Singh – 2003 to June 2012
Dr. Derick Vijai Singh – July 2012 onwards

These Principals enhanced the reputation of the college with their dedication and hard work. The college flourished as many students were awarded for their outstanding performances in teaching and in sports for various events of L.T. Colleges meet, organized by the department of education of the state. The college has been awarded certificate of merit for giving best lessons in actual class room teaching situations at Allahabad in 1997 the college secured permanent recognition from the National Council of Teaching Education (N.C.T.E.)


Christian Training College is an associate college of University of Lucknow, Lucknow. College offers 2 year regular Batchelor of Education Course. The college is recognised by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) for two years B.Ed. Course with 50 seats. (one unit).

And NCTE has recognised the college by its orders: